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The primary responsibility of a Client Sourcing Official as the name suggests is to source for clients and bring in projects for the company. Secondary responsibility includes Overseeing marketing campaigns and conducting promotional activities.


The job is completely remote and responsibilities can be carried out from any location as long as desired result is produced.


AppyClan operates a project based commission payment plan for CSOs. This is paid collectively at the end of the month in line with the company’s pay day. AppyClan has four types of projects and the commission for each type differs. Please refer to the table below for a clear understanding of the project levels and the commission attached.

Client sourcing officials are expected to bring in a monthly target of ₦400000 worth of projects. Failure to meet this target will lead to 5% reduction in the commission to be paid at the end of the month. Please note that commission will be paid based on the number/type of projects brought in and successfully contracted to the company.

Client Sourcing officials are free to bring in a mix of project types as long as they meet the ₦400,000 target amount at the end of the month.

By clicking the ‘Schedule an Interview’ button, you have agreed to the commission terms and conditions as well as the job responsibilities.

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